Hijab and Make up?

I have seen and heard of a lot people questioning the purpose of the hijab when the person is wearing make up. So I decided to blog about this issue. First, what is a hijab? A hijab is not the cloth the Muslimah has on her head that is the scarf nor is it the abaya, that's a dress. A hijab is clothing that covers the body and the hair with the expectation of hands and face, this includes the scarf and the dress it is not a specific clothing. Some scholars argue that it is permissible to not cover the feet whereas some other scholars say all body parts must be covered with the expectation of the eyes. I believe at a minimal level the body and the hair should be covered. The purpose of the hijab is to not attract attention especially "lust" attention so it is best to avoid anything that attracts that type of attention.

That is hijab.

As for make up, I, speaking for myself, would really appreciate if a person who is making a judgement on anything state some scholarly sources to back it up because I recently, during the month of Ramadan, found out whether make up was permissible or not. Furthermore, I will not promote anything haram in anyway even if you notice pictures on my blog or facebook that aren't hijabi, note that I'm not promoting them but rather the hijab itself I will comment on each picture how to make it hijabi. So, here is a fatwa by a scholar about make up and hijab. Comment and share. Please read carefully.

Question: I wear proper hijab , so can i use makeup as no nonmehrum will b able to see me?

Answer: Praise be to Allaah. There is nothing wrong with a woman using make-up to adorn herself for her husband, or if she is not married, so long as she is wearing full hijaab (i.e., niqaab).